August 13, 2008


2nd August

Night 9:00 PM

Climate was very nice. Young crowd near Gaon Devi Mandir was flowing towards Gym Khana. Cool breeze was coming...wet climate, sprinkling of Meghraja...and very pious smell around. With lamp of faith in heart, few youngsters from FAM society have organized even “Mata Ka Jagrata" and all the Bhaktajanas were gathered for that at Gym khana.

What a wonderful location! In the vicinity of Palm Beach galleria Highway and one of the best residential areas of pious gunj was flowing in the air and making pious shield of prayer on the earth to save our souls...

Guy and gals were so enthusiastic that people were overwhelmed by that and felt proud to be united for praying for MAA together.

Bhajan, Kirtan with full josh was running whole night and MATA was very happy to see those young children praising her and she has showered blessings on us.

Let’s take you to the journey of it and wish u to be part of this event next time

August 2, Saturday,

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Nice Attempt